Hi, It's me, Michely!

Photography has been a passion of mine since early teens. Where we learned how to develop photos in the dark room, at the back of the classroom. I'm a mother of sweet, wild girls, married to Luke, and living my best life in the mountains of West Virginia. While having to juggle the life of being a stay at home mom, I realized this was the perfect time to get back out there! What started as a way to capture memories of my kids to look back on, turned into a passion, capturing lifelong memories.

I'm so glad you are here!

Of all the places you could visit, you came here to my little corner. I'm an inclusive photographer who has a passion photographing kids, families and couples. Connecting with, hearing stories and finding beauty in people of all ages and walk of life. My goal is to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera without any awkward posing. To capture real emotions and loving relationships.

A little background story;

Originally born in Brazil near the beaches, we moved to the US when I was a little girl and was pretty much raised in Maryland until my 30's. With big dreams for my family and our girls future; we moved to the mountains of West Virginia to begin our itty bitty homestead and live a more simple life. I'm an open book and love hearing your stories during your sessions and sharing mines. Let's book your photography session!